KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy - Customer Identification and Verification Compliance

1. Target

In accordance with the provisions of the Protocol for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (PBC-FT), ZOEGA LTD (hereinafter the Company), establishes this policy in order to identify and know its customers. The KYC protocol aims to safeguard against our company being used for money laundering and/or Terrorist Financing. Given the nature of our company, it is advisable to know the identity of our customers accurately, both to comply with current EU laws, resolutions and circulars established in this regard and to prevent people from using the company to commit any type of fraud.

All our Customers are identified. For the purposes of these regulations, a customer shall be understood as: "Any natural or legal person with whom the entity establishes or maintains a relationship of legal or contractual origin, either by contracting and/or using any service offered within the framework of the activities of the business and in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions".

The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with European anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations, as well as to protect the integrity of the company's online platform by identifying and verifying the identity of customers who register as users.

2. Outreach

This policy applies to all employees and departments involved in customer interaction, as well as to processes related to acquiring and maintaining customer relationships.

All these procedures are carried out in the first instance to comply with a series of national and international regulations aimed at preventing money laundering and with the objective of avoiding fraud. The requirements must basically follow these premises:

3. Identification and Verification Procedures:

3.1 Information Gathering:

The company uses the automated KYC process as it combines AI algorithms with OCR and API integrations. These are used to automate workflows, extract data from documents and reduce inspection, identification and verification times. In this way, ZOEGA LTD can analyse and process the documents presented to verify the identity of customers and prevent any document fraud with the aim of securing the customer's identity. Customers must provide accurate and complete information when registering on the online platform, including full name, date of birth, postal address, official identification number (DNI, NIE, passport), telephone number and email address.

In addition, additional information will be required according to applicable regulations based on the location of the users and internal company policies, which may include details of the source of funds and/or the purpose of the use of the platform.

The following basic customer information is requested when registering on the online platform as a user, which may include:

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