These terms and conditions regulate the use of the services and content that FLINBO provides and makes available to users and content creators on its portal www.flinbo.com.

Access and use of the FLINBO platform, both to its content and/or services as a User, is subjected to the prior reading and full and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions in use at the time of visiting and/or registering on the social network.

The platform belongs to ZOEGA LTD. We are a limited liability company registered in Cyprus, with company registration number HE 415522 and our registered office address is Tseriou 136, 2nd Floor, Strovolos CY 2405.

FLINBO (www.flinbo.com) is an online platform that allows Content Creators to upload and monetise their images and videos, in a videogame role-play format intended for viewing by users accessing the Platform, after logging in and confirming they are over 18 years old. These games may include adult content. The Platform allows one-way exchange of this content, from the Content Creator to the registered users, in a pay-per-view relationship. FLINBO is limited to operating the technical Platform on the domain www.flinbo.com, and is only responsible for administering the technical, organisational and contractual frameworks necessary to allow you to upload and manage the content of your account.

That the CREATOR is a person of legal age who will generate relevant content of interest to the FLINBO audience and community.

That the platform allows the Creators to generate income from the users who purchase the role-playing games, there being a commercial relationship between the two.

That in order to participate in a user/creator transaction with a particular creator, they must be registered and logged in to FLINBO.

That FLINBO is interested in making its platform available to the CREATOR and that the CREATOR is interested in uploading its content so that registered users can access it, FLINBO being merely a facilitator of technical means between content buyers and creators.


Interpretation of the terms and conditions of service:

Platform: solution provided over the Internet, designed to share creators' own paid content. Users can access this content by purchasing exclusive videos.

User: Any User who accesses the website, without creating an account or registering with FLINBO.

Registered User: Any registered User of the website who can acquire video games through purchase.

Creator: Refers to a User who has set up his or her FLINBO account as a Creator account to post exclusive Content on FLINBO for other Users to view and purchase.

Free Actions: Each Content Creator may determine which actions in a game may be free to allow a User to explore the game. FLINBO is the only one who can determine in the application for promotional purposes, creators may have free game actions or not.

Commission: The amount calculated as a percentage of the revenue paid by Users to view Creator Content. This is the amount FLINBO receives from payments made by Users, as intermediary of the Creator being 50% on the value of the game without the application of fees.

User/Creator transaction: It refers to the commercial relationship between the user and the Creator user on the FLINBO website through which access to the Creator Content is granted. This contract and with it the relationship between both parties, will be born at the moment in which the User buys the video role-playing from the creator by activating the Purchase / Buy button.

Payment method: means of payment accepted to pay for the services, either through credit or debit card payments or through a payment provider.

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